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Bambu PLA Silk Dual-Color filament is crafted from two individual silk colors seamlessly blended into a single strand. Retaining its silky texture and high-gloss features, this filament transitions between two colors, creating a natural and smooth gradient. You can easily change the visible color by rotating the color-blending filament to different orientations. Ideal for printing aesthetic parts and decorative objects. Elevate your creations with the smooth and captivating allure of PLA Silk Dual-Color filament.


Product Features

  • Silk finish with dynamic color transformations
  • Controllable gloss finish
  • Comes with basic reusable spool
  • Diameter: 1.75 mm

Cautions for Use

  • AMS Compatible
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SKU: A05-T3-1.75-1000-SPL

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