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A Winnipeg Family Business

Three Generations Selling Industrial Supplies & Fasteners

Three Generations Selling Industrial Supplies & Fasteners

Convoy-Westcan is proudly family-owned and located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We were founded back in 1977 by our grandparents and father who started from their basement.

The business is now operated by sons Craig and Andrew Polos alongside their parents Terry and Mandy Polos. We outgrew the basement and have a large warehouse and storefront to stock a huge inventory.

We offer quality abrasives, fasteners, tools, safety products and now 3D printers to commercial, manufacturing, and retail customers.

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What Sets Us Apart?

What Sets Us Apart?

We work with you to find the best products for your applications, do on-site demos and test several products with our own hands. We compare brands and offer you the best advice based on our own experience, and your feedback

We strive to seek out the most functional products to ultimately provide you with the highest quality. Because above all, tools need to work efficiently and precisely to help you achieve top results.

We offer quality products for manufacturing plants, steel fabricating/stainless steel workshops, machine shops, automotive and heavy truck shops, construction sites, and many other industries.

A wide variety of products in our warehouse

A Wide Variety of Brands

We know the industry from many years of experience and will listen to you!

We know what it’s like to start small and grow from there. We treat every customer with respect – no matter how big or small your order is.

We offer a wide variety of tools, fasteners and more from all the top reputable brands such as:

  • VSM
  • Pferd
  • Klingspor
  • Tyrolit
  • Fein
  • Norseman
  • 3M
  • Bambu Labs

and more.